《お取り寄せ商品》Solar Power Manager Micro (2V 160mA Solar Panel Included)




Solar Power Manager Micro is a micro power, high-efficiency solar power management module, designed for powering IoT based low-power wireless sensors or controllers with 1V~3V small size solar panels. Benefited from its extremely low power dissipation and MPPT (maximum power point tracking), the module is able to maximize the conversion efficiency of solar energy under weak sunlight. These features make low-power wireless devices charge-free and battery replacement-free possible by pure solar power.

The module employs constant voltage ratio MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm to maximize output power of the solar panel under various sunlight. It can charge a 3.7V lipo battery through solar or USB, providing charge current up to 70mA or 100mA respectively. A 3.3V 90mA regulated output can handle burst current of most low-power wireless devices during transmitting or receiving. In low-power solar projects, lipo battery may suffer from over-discharge problem when it is cloudy for days, or the capacity of battery can not meet the device’s need. The battery over-charge and over-discharge protections are designed to prevent such problems to extend battery life.

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Board Overview

DFR0579-Solar Power Manager Micro Board Overview

Solar Power Manager Micro
dBoard Overview

Connection Diagram

DFR0579-Power micro:bit with Small Solar Panel
Power micro:bit with Small Solar Panel
DFR0579-Power Firebeetle Series with Small Solar Panel
Power Firebeetle Series with Small Solar Panel


  • Constant voltage ratio MPPT algorithm, maximizing solar power conversion
  • Designed for 1V ~ 3V small solar panels, ultra low power design
  • Solar/USB two charging methods
  • Multiple protections extending battery life


  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Bluetooth iBeacon
  • Solar Powered Toys


  • Micro Solar Power Management Module
  • Solar Power Management IC: SPV1050
  • Solar Input Voltage (SOLAR IN): 0.5V~4V
  • Battery Input (BAT IN): 3.7V Lithium Battery
  • Maximum Charge Current: 100mA@USB IN;70mA@SOLAR IN
  • Over-charge Protection Threshold: 4.2V
  • Over-discharge Protection Threshold: 3.1V
  • Regulated Power Supply: 3.3V 90mA@BAT IN 3.7V
  • Quiescent Current: <3 uA
  • Protection Functions
    • BAT IN: Over-discharge/Over-charge/Reverse Connection Protections
    • OUT: Short Circuit/Over Current Protections
  • Operation Temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • Dimension: 30.0mm*30.0mm
  • Solar Panel 2V 160mA
  • Nominal Voltage (VMP): 2V
  • Nominal Current (IMP): 160mA
  • Open Circuit Voltage (IOC): 2.4V
  • Short Circuit Current (ISC): 190mA
  • Solar Cell Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Other Features: Waterproof, Oil Resistant and Corrosion Resistant
  • Dimension: 50mm*50mm


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    • Solar Power Manager Micro x1
    • Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel 2V 160mA 50*50mm x1
    • Red Single Conductor Wire 15cm 24AWG x2
    • Black Single Conductor Wire 15cm 24AWG x2
    • PH2.0-2P Male Power Wire 15cm x1
    • XH2.54-2P Header x2


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