《お取り寄せ商品》Firebeetle Covers-OLED12864 Display




DFRobot FireBeetle series is low-power development board designed for the IoT projects. This FireBeetle covers display module is equipped with 128x64 resolution OLED and new version of SSD1360 driver IC, uses I2C interface, supports for the Arduino library and microPython coding program, fully compatible with the Gravity I2C OLED-2864 screen.
OLED screen has a protective frame to protect the screen, it prevents the finger from being scratched on the edge of the glass. The OLED 12864 display module also integrates the GT30L24A3W multi-language font library chip and the BMA220 three-axis accelerometer. In addition, the FireBeetle Covers-OLED12864 display features an analog directional key and two independent digital keys A and B.


  • Support Multi-language Font
  • Built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor
  • Specification

  • Voltage Range: 3.7V-5.5V
  • 2 User Buttons: Using digital port D4, D8 detection mode
  • 5-way Switch: Using analog port A0 detection mode
  • Three- axis Accelerometer BMA220: IIC

  • Data Bus: IIC
  • Dimension: 0.079x0.079x0.035in/2x2x0.9mm
  • Resolution: 6 bit
  • Range: 2/4/8/16g
  • Power Consumption: 250uA
  • OLED

  • Model: UG-2864HLBEG01
  • Dimension: 0.96in
  • Color: blue
  • Data Bus: IIC
  • Pixel:128x64
  • Font Chip: GT30L24A3W
    Data Bus: SPI
    Character Set:

  • GB18030 Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
  • KSC5601 Korean
  • JIS0208 Japanese
  • 180 Foreign Font
  • Support for Multinational Unicode
  • IS08859 and CODE PAGE
  • Chinese Character Size:12 dot matrix, 16dot matrix, 24dot matrix
  • Foreign Character Size:16 dot matrix, 24 dot matrix
  • Working Current: 12mA
  • Documents

  • Product wiki
  • More Documents
  • ShippingList

  • Firebeetle Covers-OLED12864 Display x1
  • 18pin-2.54mm Pin Header ×2
  • 18pin-2.54mm Long Pin Header ×2

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    Name 《お取り寄せ商品》Firebeetle Covers-OLED12864 Display
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