《お取り寄せ商品》Romeo - an Arduino Robot Control Board with Motor Driver




Romeofamily is an All-in-One Robot control board especially designed for robotics applications from DFRobot. It benefits from the Arduino open source platform, it is supported by thousands of open source codes, and can easily be expanded with your Arduino shields. The integrated 2 way DC motor driver and wireless socket allows you to start your own robot project immediately without the need for an additional motor driver. Not just has the motor driver, Romeo is also designed to have extra power for servos which need more current.Romeo is also featured with DFRobot's standard 3 Pin-out designed and compatible with Gravityseries sensors and actuators. Hundreds of sensors are now plug-play with Romeo.This is the first member in Romeo family that is born in 2009. It is not only the very first Arduino Robot Controller, but also the first Arduino-derived board in the market. The current version of Romeo is based on Arduino Uno. It has built in 2x2A DC motor drivers and socket for bluetooth /APC220 Radio Communication Module communications. The integrated io sensor pinout allows it connect hundreds of different Gravity compatible sensors and modules. It has servo connector which is a plug&play. It is the ideal controller to build your own robot.
Romeo All in One Robot Controller Board Review by Arnab Kumar Das

Arduino Tank Robot Project using the Devastator metal chassis!


  • DC Supply:USB Powered or External 7V~12V DC
  • DC Output:5V /3.3V DC and External Power Output
  • Microcontroller: Atmega328
  • Bootloader: Arduino Uno
  • Compatible with the Arduino Uno pin mapping
  • 8 Channels 10-bit Analog I/O
  • USB interface
  • 5 key inputs
  • Auto sensing/switching power input
  • ICSP header for direct program download
  • Serial Interface TTL Level
  • Support Male and Female Pin Header
  • Integrated sockets for APC220 RF Module and DF-Bluetooth Module
  • Three I2C Interface Pin Sets(two 90°pin headers)
  • Two way Motor Driver with 2A maximum current
  • Gold plating pcb board
  • Size:90x80x14mm(3.54"x3.15"x0.55")
  • Weight:60 gram



Project 1. Summer inspiration-DIY automatic curtain lif

List of hardware:

Project 2. DFRobot AutoEco System takes care of your garden.

By following this project it will help to grow a vegetable garden, and automate some other processes in our house along the way.
List of basic hardware to setup an AutoEco Sys:

  • 1. Romeo

  • 2. X-Board

  • 3. Light Sensor

  • 4 .Gas Sensor

  • 5 .Motion Sensor

  • 6. Tempreture&Humidity Sensor

  • 7. Waterproof temperature sensor

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